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beginningsBorn in El Dorado, Ark., Hunt grew up in Tyler in East Texas. He was known by his middle name, derived
from his maternal grandfather, Nelson Waldo Bunker. On Jan. Hunt’s first family from East Texas into a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate overlooking White Rock Lake in Dallas. Hunt exhibited his drive and tenacity early on. When he was 12, he walked alone for 9 miles across London after the buses quit running at midnight. He briefly attended the University of Texas but left after a geology lecturer proclaimed that the federal government should own all natural resources. After serving in the Navy during World War II, Hunt joined his father’s oil company. He was
22 when he discovered a $7 million oil field in Scurry County. His father also put him in charge of the family’s Penrod Drilling Corp. But in the early 1950s, Hunt was either fired or quit his father’s company and struck out on his own. He hired a University of Illinois professor, who pointed the young

Facebook Comments In the last few days we finished rolling out a change to the commenting system on the Triond network. Some of you have noticed the transition that began about two weeks ago, in which our traditional commenting system was replaced by Facebook Comments. There are two main advantages that this change brings. First, it solves some of the darker aspects of commenting, such as comment spam, comment trolling, and anonymous comment abuse. Second, and more importantly, it leverages the power of Facebook to increase traffic to your articles. Think about it up until now your comments existed only on the article page. From now on, they still exist there, but they also exist in the Facebook space. Each time someone comments on your work, he or she includes their social graph in the conversation about your work, and the result is that more people are exposed to it. We hope that this change makes the conversation experience around your articles a better one, and that you benefit from

Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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