December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece



Our story begins 113 years ago, when the Eleftheroudakis family entered the book market, first by participating in and then by buying out the oldest international bookstore in Athens. From the very beginning and up to today, «Eleftheroudakis» sells, distributes, and publishes books, and steadily continues to be the country’s largest bookselling company, regardless of whether these books are domestic publications or imported from abroad.

The characteristic features which have allowed us not only to exist, but also to constantly expand our presence over the years, are our choices, the quality of our services, and our active participation in social events. One hundred and thirteen years later, we continue to be –according to market surveys– the most recognized name in the world of books in our country.

In order to maintain this position, over the past twenty years we have radically changed the company’s image, look and style. We have created a wide-spread network comprising 26 stores –15 Eleftheroudakis stores, 5 franchise Eleftheroudakis stores and 6 Νewsstand-Eleftheroudakis – capable of expanding further and at a rapid rate.

In order to service such an extent of bookstores, we have founded – along with Kastaniotis publishers – a logistics and distribution center thus creating a well rounded corporation.

We efficiently run the largest store in Greece exclusively dedicated to books, comparable to the biggest bookstores in Europe in terms of organization and choice of titles, with the exception of the United Kingdom. Recently, we completed the restructuring of our administrative services according to the standards prevalent among similar international firms. Thus, what initially started as a business employing 4 people in premises of 120 m2 is now a firm with over 120 employees working in premises totaling 9.500 m2. It’s simple, it’s easy, and if you’ve wanted a faster way to post to specific applications, especially if you’ve wanted to post to web apps when you weren’t inside your browser, this is definitely one to try

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