December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece


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Karipidi Winery S.A. was established in 1985. It is a family owned business and is located in the village of Vounena in Central Greece producing organic grape wines.

Karipidi Winery over the years has been acknowledged for its wine making philosophy and it is amongst countries best wineries. We are proud to discover every day that our wine friends are growing and more people are looking through Karipidis wines for gastronomic everyday pleasure.

The vineyard is situated in an area of hills with sandy and clay soil, rich in humus with non compact subsoil, well aerated with good drainage. Our deepest concern is the use of organic methods in all processes of cultivation which we believe contributes greatly in quality winemaking. Furthermore, from the vineyard to the stage of winemaking there are three stages of sorting in order to credit even more quality must.

For the above reasons we have the comfort to apply mild methods of winemaking, strictly excluding the use of chemical adds . Our production line is equipped with up–to-date technology and a cellar with the finest of French oak barrels: blonde or moyenne, moyenne plus or forte, with the appropriate degree of toasting to match the peculiarity of each grape variety.

The grape varieties cultivated are the well-known international varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Primitivo, Nebbiolo. In fact, Karipidi wines have received over the years many quality awards in both national and international contests such as those organized by the MUNDUSvini International Wine Academy, the AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge etc. He estimates the proposal will cost $163 million

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