December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece


Le Monde

The Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies LE MONDE ,   is located in Athens Greece. LE MONDE is the leading Institute in the field of Hotel & Tourism Studies in Greece. It’s an Educational Organization fully and completely oriented in the field of tourism. It’s a private Institute certified by the United Nations World Tourism Organization – THEMIS Foundation and  authorized by Hellenic Ministry of Education.

More than 7700 sq. meters and approximately 185 employees, administrative personnel and teaching staff, are composing the Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies LE MONDE.The friendly and especially designed environment encourages our students to study and to participate in useful educational projects and case studies. LE MONDE enjoys close links with the tourist industry in Greece and abroad. Each year many students and alumni are participating in the placement programmes offered by our Institute and they are starting working in various hotel & tourist enterprises.

Moreover, our educational programmes are linked with other Hotel & Tourism Schools’ programmes in France, Switzerland and UK giving to our students the option to pursue or to complete their studies abroad. In the field of research and consulting services, we have started operating intensively lately and the results of our efforts are very encouraging. LE MONDE is established as one of the most specialized Institutes with experts in the field of tourism.

Finally in January 2001 LE MONDE had an independent entity under the name. Les Livres du Tourisme founded, which is publishing books specialized in tourism field. Till now Les Livres du Tourisme has published  34 books and has already received international awards. Les Livres du Tourisme is  a publishing enterprise  which is  exclusively oriented in the tourism sector and has sold approximately 295,000 copies in Greece the last 10 years.

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