December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece



Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Giorgos Kolliopoulos, Speiron is the first Luxury Food & Beverage Company in Greece. Giorgos is an olive oil connoisseur. He holds a course on the official organoleptic assessment method of virgin olive oil.

The company’s vision aims at reinventing food in an unparalleled way. Its first product λ /lambda/ ultra premium olive oil is the first luxury olive oil in the world. Awarded with a Silver World Medal in the New York Festivals 2008, λ /lambda/ is one of the most disruptive foods to date. Chef Juan Mari Arzak (8th best in the world for 2011) found it “marvellous”. The LA Times called it “brilliant”, Wallpaper* magazine nominated it “peak performer” and Times UK called it “one man’s quest for olive oil perfection”.

λ /lambda/ is available worldwide from selected upscale gourmet stores such as the Harrods food hall in London and the Jones The Grocer Singapore and Abu Dhabi. In October 2010 the company launched a new disruptive concept: the first personalized olive oil in the world, the bespoke λ /lambda/. In an exceptional bespoke creation, the customer can have his signature embossed on the λ /lambda/ bottle.

As Giorgos explains “I wanted to entirely reinvent the olive oil perception, since olive oil was considered a cheap commodity for cooking”. A new Speiron product is to be expected in 2012.
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