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Since 2007 when established, Top Creations operates and considers itself as a strategic and adding value partner and collaborator throughout the process of a digital project. During these years we are in a constant process of adapting to the ongoing evolution of the digital landscape, understanding business objectives, taking into consideration all technical and communication aspects of an implementation and producing deliverables on time, within scope and at reasonable budgets.

During these years, we have learn to listen, consult, plan, execute and deliver results in all areas of the digital world.  Having mapped and categorized the digital landscape into 3 main areas, such as Mobile MediaOutdoor Interactive, Social Web, we deploy a wide array of services, that has as a basis a solid team of digital professionals totally expertised in their field.

And as far as today is concerned & as far as we can guess in future, we position ourselves…

–  In a Mobile Media environment which tends to become a major area for fun, business, entertaiment and education by providing total solutions in an integrated basis from (all kind of Operation Systems) smart phones to tablets. A major area of our expertise is Digital Publishing based on a full functional Digital Platform that makes iPad publishing quite an easy task.

–  In Digital experience interactive environment which creates a different higher level of digital experience by designing and deploying a framework of solutions supported by various media making traditionally static… virtually moving and interacting!

–  in a Social Web environment which keeps on incorporating participating characteristics, by deploying strategies and functional implementations that enhance user experience and lead to fun, engagement and profit.

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  or    and entertain yourself through our extensive video gallery on   . Testing higher-order skills the rules clarify that states’ tests should include questions that measure both higher-order thinking skills

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