December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

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Yolanda Kolliopoulou

She started as an archaeologist, with a degree in Archaeology & History of Arts from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, excavating sites all over Greece, but soon followed her love for journalism. Starting as a reporter for Skai radio, she moved to printed Media, such as PROSOPA, Ependytis & KLIK magazine,  as a member of their editorial teams, writing articles, building photo productions, creating and implementing concepts for advertorials. This last obsession led her seek the myth behind the products and ways to communicate them to the mass audience, as a copywriter and creative media Director in various companies. She has now over 10 years of experience in building and managing brands, designing and implementing tailor made online and offline publicity programs, and helping create the right share of mind  through proven and innovative new methods. 
In 2008 she founded The Flying Pot, a PR & Digital agency, but mostly a hot shop, featuring media related activities, social media marketing, digital services and great ideS that now  implement for some of the best and open minded brands in the world such as Nike, Nestle, Marks & Spencer ,Tetra Pak etc

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