December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

Team - Social Media Enthusiast

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Dimitris Kalogeropoulos

Dimitris is an active netizen and some would say that he is addicted to web. He spends most of his time in front of a screen; either working on Social Media or communicating with other people through Twitter. His topics of interest vary from technology and cars to human behavior and different cultures.He has regretted not leaving Greece to study abroad and further open his mind by meeting people with different mentality.

Dimitris was lucky enough to participate in 4 global conferences related to technology, new media and entrepreneurship. What he enjoys most at the company he is currently working is the multicultural environment.One of Dimitris’ dream will come true when he will take a roadtrip in Europe driving one of his favorite cars. Also, he is dreaming about a really connected world via Social Networks where information will flow without limitations, easier, faster and more targeted.

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