December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

MC Yinka [Performance]

Born and raised in athens he first started MCing over drum ‘n bass tunes alongside dj Texture and they, later joined the “urban links” drum n bass crew. He later formed the hip hop group “Adiaspasti ousia” that released two songs in the “hip hop don’t stop” compilation produced and released by MBI. Now he is a member of the hip hop group “PARAGONTES” that teamed up with “FFC” and “ANAFLEXI” and formed the “ANTIKSOES PARAGOGES” hip hop collective. He is part of the ”LISTEN UP URBAN SOUND MANIFESTO” with Espeekay and they intend to promote freestyle music in athens. He collaborated with a veru talented producer named “YEGOR CERGEI” and made an underground ep called “IHOS VIOMA”. As a bass player and vocalist he is a part of the DIRECT CONNECTION electro dub band and they released in 2007 an album called “DUB INFECTION”. As a vocalist he collaborates with the wolrd music group “IMAM BAILDI”  the soul and lounging band “DR VOTKATINI”. He played in various festival, bars and clubs with bands and well known greek and foreign hip hop,reggae, drum n bass and freestyle dj’s. He collaborated with distinguised artists from the electro scene such as: dj blend, pallyria, spy f and the zakula.He was featured in two major hit songs on the  album ”OMNIA” of mainstream greek rock singer Fillipos Pliatsikas. In 2009 he released his first official  full length album “ALANA” which was critically acclaimed and formed a live band called “THE URBANIX” that presents a rich set of hip hop, reggae, afro beat, funk and drum n bass tunes. He played as a support act on shows of internationally known artists like: The Skatalites, Phi-Life cypher, the Gza, Method man, Orishas, Ghostface killah, dj Vadim, Wax Tailor and also played in the legendary “ROSKILDE FESTIVAL”. As an actor he played on the motion picture “OMIROS’ directed by Konstantinos Gianaris, on the theatrical play “FESTEN” directed by Aliki Danezi and musical theatrical play “NEKYIA” directed by Fotini Papadodima, “INDIAN SUMMER” directed by Eleni Boza and “ETERNAL PEACE” by Dimitris Zografakis.

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