December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

Michael Papadopoulos

Mike is a jack of all trades for all things IT. A generalizing specialist, Mike trained for his Ph.D. in Computer Vision at the University of Essex. During his years there, to support his academic habit, he worked various jobs such as bartender, web designer, doorman, teaching assistant, events coordinator and programmer acquiring a wide range of skills and competencies.

Growing restless with academia he joined Atos Origin and participated in various projects around the globe ranging geographically from Kenya to Belgium and in subjects from e-banking to bioinformatics – with a lot of telecomms in between. Leaving Atos Origin he decided to settle down in Greece where he joined Innova as Lead Software Achitect specializing in Value Added Services for mobile telephony. An avid gamer, he is currently using various mobile platforms to develop  an augmented reality game platform.

Mike’s current research interests are Open Source Software and mobile applications.

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