December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa is a passion-driven 19-year-old entrepreneur and consultant. Currently he’s the Brand Evangelist at Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder and the Curator & Producer of SWITCH Conference that he founded back in 2009. Ricardo is also the initiator of the Movement for Change in Education, a global movement of people worldwide committed on taking action to change the current education model.

He’s a former Microsoft Student Partner and a ungrad at ISEG university. Ricardo is a frequent speaker and blogger on themes such as teen entrepreneurship or the 21st century education, having spoken in front of international audiences of thousands. In the past, Ricardo’ entrepreneurial endeavors (and speaking engagements) got him featured in top portuguese newspapers, TVs and radios but also in international press such as TheNextWeb, France24, SmashingMagazine or The Economist. He likes to dream, project and execute ideas as well as meet new and inspiring people. His hobbies include watching american TV series, viewing and discussing interesting conferences’ talks, reading, meeting people and traveling.

In the future he hopes to keep executing his ongoing projects. The main goal is to make a difference through his work, while helping others to archive their potential.”

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