December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

TEDxAthens Challenge Finalists

TEDxAthens Challenge is a new initiative, introduced by TEDxAthens. Our goal is to support the growth of an innovative and disruptive initiative, by mobilizing the community of TEDxAthens and our partners. We are looking for inspiring actions that have a positive impact in society. TED and TEDxAthens is about “Ideas Worth Spreading”. With TEDxAthens Challenge we are taking the next step forward. We move from ideas to actions. We select initiatives worth spreading and award them. The TEDxAthens community embraces them and supports their growth. TEDxAthens Challenge will focus on a different field every year. In 2011 we are looking for good practices in education and life-long learning. The Challenge candidates can be sourced from formal education practices, as well as informal education, life-long learning, and voluntary (pro bono) initiatives by individuals, groups of individuals or not-for-profit organizations, aiming to improve the Greek society living standards.  We are looking for initiatives with a potential for a significant, positive impact in our society. We are looking for initiatives that can either grow themselves, or act as a best practice case study to be applied across different disciplines.Eligible initiatives must already be at the implementation stage and must be strictly not-for-profit.

, 12.45 pm

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