December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece


9 am

Registration and Networking

Session 1 11 am

Welcome, this is TEDxAthens!

11.25 am

Disruptive Technology 101

Juliano Tubino
11.45 am

Three Athletes of Greece women’s national water polo team

12.05 pm


Rory Sutherland
12.25 pm

Avant-garde Cuisine

Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos
12.45 pm

TEDxAthens Challenge Finalists

1.10 pm

TEDxSters, meet MC Yinka!

MC Yinka [Performance]
60’ Break
Session 2 2.20 pm

Time to do the… math

Konstantinos Daskalakis
2.40 pm

Paris Mexis

Paris Mexis
3 pm

Live Life Now

Chris Colwell
3.20 pm

Human Power to Disrupt Education

Ricardo Sousa
3.40 pm

Disruption, the Museum version

Glenn D. Lowry
4 pm

The Music of Education

Nikolaos Zafranas
30’ Break
Session 3 5 pm

The youth side of music

Camerata Junior [Performance]
5.20 pm

Designing… mornings

Charis Tsevis
5.40 pm

Me and the FBI

Hasan Elahi
6 pm

Empowering Dreams

Clemens Oellinger Guptara
6.20 pm

Keynote Speech

Joe Trippi
6.40 pm

It’s time for some beatboxing!

40’ Break
Session 4 7.40 pm

The Economy of Twitter

Matina Stevis
8.10 pm

Disruption: The mother nature way

George Kourounis
8.30 pm

Nikolaos Mavridis

Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis
8.50 pm

The unseen side of Africa

Sebastian Lindstrom
9.10 pm


Matt Webb
9.30 pm

TEDxAthens Challenge, and the winner is…

9.50 pm

Eirini Douka and Greggy T

10.10 pm


10.30 pm

Johnnie Walker Party

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