December 3rd, 2011 Athens, Greece

It is now the time
to rewrite
the rules of the game
and change.

TEDxAthens 2011 \ The Art of Disruption

TEDxAthens is a world-class conference about Innovation, Creativity and Ideas based in Athens, Greece. TEDxAthens is one of the very first TEDx events worldwide -consequently the first TEDx event in Greece– and started in May 2009. Naturally, we encourage and support the expansion of TEDx Program in Greece. If you are a team of passionate volunteers willing bring a TED-like experience to your local community, please do let us know!

In 2009 we had a brilliant idea (“Mind the Idea”), to bring the TED experience in Athens.

In 2010 we weren’t afraid to start all over again (“Starting from Scratch”), because only by gaining momentum can you get farther ahead.

In 2011, we want to turn everything upside down with “The Art of Disruption”!

TEDxAthens returns in December 3rd to present the secrets and the art of disruption.

But how does one define what is disruptive?
Any single thing or idea with the potential to re-define the way in which a system or situation works may be regarded as disruptive, thus changing them for ever.

From Wikipedia and Twitter to Molecular Cuisine and the Tsunamis, our world is full of disruptions which redefine on a daily basis -some indeed more than the others- the way we live.

Today the need to discover new paths for a creative change in our lives is stronger than ever.

From finance and business, to society overall and our little daily habits, there is the belief that creative and at the same time subversive ideas and initiatives have the potential to give new impetus and transform our world.

We can’t achieve substantial changes by continuing to function the same way as before.

It is now the time to rewrite the “rules of the game” and change. Everything.


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Joe Trippi

Heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented campaigning,” Joe Trippi has been at the forefront of movement politics for nearly 30 years. Trippi began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980 and has worked on numerous presidential, gubernatorial, senate, and congressional campaigns ever since.

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Glenn D. Lowry

Glenn D. Lowry became the sixth director of The Museum of Modern Art in 1995. He leads a staff of 750 and directs an active program of exhibitions, acquisitions, and publications.

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Rory Sutherland

Born in Usk, Monmouthshire in 1965, Rory read Classics at Christ’s College, Cambridge, before joining Ogilvy as a Graduate Trainee in 1988. After 18 months spent as the world’s worst account handler (as a desperate remedial measure he was once booked onto a time management course, but got the date wrong) Rory became a copywriter in June 1990…

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Juliano Tubino

Juliano Tubino is the Worldwide Director for Innovation and Emerging Business at Microsoft. He is responsible for leading the company’s Local Software Economy initiative, aiming to accelerate the software industry development and innovation by helping entrepreneurs to build software skills, solutions and businesses.

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Konstantinos Daskalakis

Konstantinos Daskalakis is the X-Consortium Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

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Hasan Elahi

Hasan Elahi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work examines issues of surveillance, simulated time, transport systems, borders and frontiers. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions at venues such as SITE Santa Fe, Centre Georges Pompidou, Sundance Film Festival, Kassel Kulturbahnhof, The Hermitage, and at the Venice Biennale.

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George Kourounis

George Kourounis is one of the world’s most active storm chasers, a renowned global adventurer, explorer and television presenter. Based in Toronto, his efforts to document nature’s worst weather conditions have taken him all over the globe, into places most normal people are fleeing from.

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Matt Webb

Matt Webb is CEO and Principal at BERG, and co-founded the studio in 2005. In 2011 he was named by Wired UK as one of Britain’s top 100 digital power-brokers.

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Clemens Oellinger Guptara

Clemens Guptara (born October 1995) is a young speaker, writer, columnist and commentator on a wide range of topics to do with globalisation,global development and other social, political and economic issues.

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Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa is a passion-driven 19-year-old entrepreneur and consultant. Currently he’s the Brand Evangelist at Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder and the Curator & Producer of SWITCH Conference that he founded back in 2009.

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Chris Colwell

What is happening in the world around us is a Human Being issue. It is not the responsibility of the Governments, and it’s Laws, The Kings, and their Rules, The Schools, and it’s Teachers, or the Religions, and it’s Followers to Balance, Manage, or Maintain our daily Lives. Each human being is Responsible for his […]

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Sebastian Lindstrom

Sebastian Lindstrom is the founder of two non-profits; one based in Ghana assisting HIV positive children and raising awareness of the disease, and the second a nomadic filmmaking organization, provocatively named, What Took You So Long.

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Nikolaos Zafranas

Nikolaos Zafranas was born in Thessaloniki. He received his BA and MA in Piano Performance from the University of Music, Graz, Austria, and his PhD in Music Education from Brunel University, London, UK. He is author of several articles on various music education topics and of the book “Effects of music instruction on cognitive abilities […]

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Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a visual designer. He studied in Milan and Athens. Based in the Greek capital he offers visual communication services to clients from all over the globe. His client list includes companies like Nike, IKEA and Toyota, media like TIME, Fortune and Wired and advertising agencies like TBWA\Chiat\Day, Leo Burnet Hong Kong and […]

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Matina Stevis

Matina is a journalist with Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal in Brussels, where she covers economics and competition. She has written for the Economist, where she won the 2010 Marjorie Deane financial journalism award, and the Guardian.

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Three Athletes of Greece women’s national water polo team

We are very happy to have with us 3 members of the Greece women’s national water polo team. Alexandra Asimanki was born in 1988. She is 23 years old and she studies in the law school. Since 2001 she has been playing water polo in Vouliagmeni team with one year break where she played abroad. […]

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Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos

Chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos were born and raised in Athens. Coming from different backgrounds and studies, Georgianna studied European Studies at Reading University in England and Nikos Economics at Deree College of Greece, they met in cooking school ‘The Institute of Culinary Education’, in Manhattan New York, where they both studied and graduated with honors in the degree of Culinary Arts.

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Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis

Architecting Intelligent Systems! Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis, PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has taught, written about, researched, and built Intelligent Systems and Robots, having been active in the area since his early youth. Currently he is serving as Ass. Professor at New York University in Abu Dhabi…

View profile Paris Mexis

Paris Mexis

Paris Mexis is a director, designer and writer. He was born in Athens and studied scenography in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design…

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Irene Douka and Greggy K. [Performance]

Irene Douka (ex-singer of C-Real Group) and Greggy K. have joined their different musical backgrounds and their favorite common influences creating new compositions for a Greek and foreign music project….

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Word of Mouth [Performance]

WORD OF MOUTH is the successful Greek beatbox cooperation of Bitman and EL Pap Chico. For the last five years they produce together rhythms, drum beats and music sounds by using only the mouth and the vocal chords. They have also created the Beatbox Academy in Athens aiming at teaching mostly children the art of […]

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MC Yinka [Performance]

Born and raised in athens he first started MCing over drum ‘n bass tunes alongside dj Texture and they, later joined the “urban links” drum n bass crew. He later formed the hip hop group “Adiaspasti ousia” that released two songs in the “hip hop don’t stop” compilation produced and released by MBI. Now he […]

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Irene Mavrou [Performance]

Irini Mavrou was born in Athens, Greece. She received her piano diploma under the guidance of Domna Evnouchidou. The same year she was admitted at the University of Music of Graz, Austria, from where she received her Master’s degree while acquiring, at the same time, her Primary Music Education degree. She is a graduate of […]

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Camerata Junior [Performance]

Camerata Junior was founded in Athens in 2010 in the frame of the new educational initiatives forwarded by Konstantinos Pilarinos’s “Filoi tis Moussikis” Club. The Camerata’s aim is to instill team spirit and collective musical action among pupils, mainly through periodical preparation classes in the Athens Music Hall and participation in art events in Greece and abroad.

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